Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings is the world’s largest face-to-face creative community!And I am happy to be a part of the Team!

Role: Member of an CMCGN Team!

diy mug library workshop

Wake up with a smile on your face. Have a small dose of inspiration every morning. Or just simply make someone happy by creating something personalised. Something like a DIY mug library!

My name is Anna, I’m a polish graphic designer and a true DIY-er! No matter if it’s a skirt, plant or a home deco – every single peace tells it’s own little story…

cm summit illustration

An illustration created exclusively for the Creative Mornings European Summit in Edynburg. „Wee“ in Scottish means little – we are all a tiny part of this world, but together we create strong and creative community! 

social media graphics

Show your love for the creative community! I’ve created those animated stickers to help all the users connect with the others.